lynda1I have been a business owner for the last 15 years. Co-founding NicLyn Consulting in 1995, we offered affordable technical support to small and medium sized business owners. In 2000 NicLyn was one of the first Canadian companies to offer a subscription service using remote access to clients computers. This allowed us to help clients to budget yearly for their technical needs and not be surprised by high emergency costs that came up unexpectedly.

In 2005 I started coaching small and medium sized business owners who needed guidance in running the business and developing efficient processes.

With the experience gained from my years as a business owner and then a coach, I recognized that the lack of marketing (and particularly online marketing) was one of the core reasons businesses failed.

I try to make marketing as simple as possible and although I may lean you towards the new, I will always guide you each step of the way and make it comfortable and exciting.

I believes strongly in values and ethics. I have seen it proven that indeed, the good guy does win the race even though it may seem to be quicker to take short-cuts, there are no long-term benefits to be had from doing so. In this day and age where customers want relationships with those they buy from, taking the short-cuts can actual bring harm to your company.

Building relationships is what I do best and what the best of marketing is all about. From the beginnings of NicLyn to now, I have had consistent loyal clients who use my services over and over again. I have always felt it was an honour to have them as clients and have learned from them as much as I has given.

In February 2010 I received certification from Inbound Marketing University. Joining an elite group of only 1300 graduates I took training in 16 specialized areas of Inbound marketing such as - Email campaigns, Social Media, Strategy Development, Multi-media, Analytics, Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing.

Certified Email Marketing Expert