I regularly give presentations and seminars on topics related to small business online marketing including social media, opt-in email lists, article marketing, website value for potential customers and developing relationships with leads. I am available for private events as well as conferences, association meetings, trade shows, and other professional organization events.

In this day and age, finding new clients and expanding our business cannot be left to old tools. Potential clients are demanding more from us. They are demanding the ability to get to know us and our expertise before we try to sell to them. They are demanding that the companies they hire are ones that are honest and trustworthy and that work with integrity. Prospects now have many choices and it is the businesses that reach them, build relationships with them and offer exceptional value that will continue to succeed in the marketplace. At the same time, as responsible business owners in these hard times, we have to be fiscally responsible and maintain costs at their lowest point while getting the highest return possible for our dollars.

For many business owners, the world of marketing has become a confusing place with the addition of things like GoogleAds, Social media (Twitter and Facebook and more) and article marketing. My presentations allow participants to receive the knowledge they need to evaluate if online marketing would enhance their current marketing efforts.

My presentations are usually 60 to 90 minutes and are filled with tips that your members will be able to implement quickly. I leave plenty of time for Q&A so that your members can get answers to the questions that relate directly to their business.

After participating in the presentation your members will be able to:

1. Understand the large differences between traditional marketing and online marketing.

2. Use the templates I provide to develop a strategy for online marketing.

3. Optimize their websites using the latest free/low cost tools to get targeted traffic and qualified prospects.

4. Implement easy strategies to enhance their image as THE expert in their field and the business to go to for solutions.

5. Understand what Social Media is, what are the tools being used and evaluate if Social media is a process that can benefit the companies revenue generation process.

Although I talk about critical issues that business owners are facing today, such as finding new clients, my presentations are fun to attend and filled with more than a few smiles. Everyone will walk away having received something they can take back to the office to immediately improve their business marketing.

I am also available to write articles about online marketing for your newsletters.

If you would like to book me for one of your meetings, discuss an article I can write for your newsletter or get more information please call me at 647-477-3394 or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it