Fees per project

Strategy Development

A clearly defined goal and a path to get you there is the difference between failure and success.

Development of Implementation Plans

Got your strategy all worked out? Develop a implementation plan that will not put a strain on your time or budget but will allow you the fastest successes possible.

Search Engine Optimization

Get the most from your website and get found when your potential customers/clients need you.

Local Search Optimization

Target your business so it can be found locally by potential customers in your area..

Social Media

Is social media worth doing for the small and medium sized business? Is it too much work or too expensive for the return on investment? Contrary to what you hear, jumping right in and playing around is NOT the way to go.

Web Analytics

If it can’t be measured isn’t worth doing. Measuring your online marketing efforts allows you to put your time and resources where you know they give you the biggest return on your investment.

Paid Search Marketing

Pay per Click (aka PPC) can reap a large return on investment if it reaches your audience and compels them to conversion.


The ultimate goal is to get your website visitors to take the action you want them to take. Whether it is to buy a product, read about your services or call you to make an appointment, without excellent conversion rates you are wasting money and time with no return.

Monthly Contract Packages (Minimum 6 month contracts*)


Search Engine Optimization,


Local Search Optimization


Social Media


Paid Search Marketing


Search Engine Optimization, Local Search Optimization, Analytics


Social Media, Analytics


Paid Search Marketing. Analytics


Strategy Development, Implementation Planning, Search Engine Optimization,

Local Search Optimization, Social Media, Paid Search Marketing, Conversions Optimization

* The reason I require a 6 month contract is that experience has proven you will not see measurable results with any less time period.

Review and Report & Recommendations (One time fee)

Find out where you stand right now. I will review your website and online marketing. Along with my report I will give you expert recommendations for quick and easy ways to make improvements on the site, in your search engine marketing and using social media.

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