"I am currently using Lynda's expertise to expand my online marketing and internet presence. In less than one month Lynda has helped me to develop a long-term strategy, optimize my website for maximum impact and set up much needed sales processes. Lynda is a pleasure to work with, gets projects done quickly and constantly brings new ideas for growing the business to our meetings. I am very pleased to have found her."
Karen Zizzo -- August 2009 www.karenzizzo.com


Lynda has bailed me out of several computer jams. She is now working as a business coach and really knows her stuff.” February 19, 2009

Top qualities: Great results , personable , good value

Paul Lima
hired Lynda as a Business Consultant in 1999 , and hired Lynda more than once

“Lynda is very reliable and provides effective and affordable solutions to IT challenges for the SME.” December 8, 2008

Top qualities: Personable , expert , good value

Veronica Feihl
hired Lynda as a IT Consultant in 2004

"Lynda Morris, through her original company - NicLyn, has been my tech support for years - too many to count! I am always amazed, not only by her technical expertize - she's a wizard - but by her ability to understand her clients' concerns. Concerns she transforms into solutions that work, over the long haul. She treats my system, my budget and my confidence as if they were her own. Empathizes with any difficulties I face - and helps me to surmount them. All with integrity, realism and her own inimitable sense of humour. The only problem with Lynda is that she can't be cloned"!

The Right Words!

Social Media Communication e-book, by Lynda Morris, is an easily read primer for the business owner that wraps with important pointers on social media strategy. ~ Veronica Feihl, APR

Social Media Communication e-book is an up-to-the minute relevant, easy to read and understand, practical and exactly what I need to know for my e-business!! ~ Jane Adams

Joan Vinall-Cox

, Principal, JNthWEB

Lynda and I were co-presenters at the A.I.P. workshop entitled "Can you make money from Social Media?" She presented on strategy and planning and I presented on the actual social media tools. Lynda's understanding of how to set up marketing strategies using the web and in particular social media, as well as her in-depth knowledge of Joomla as a tool to create websites, showed our audience the possibilities available to them. Lynda speaks well and explains complex details clearly. She was both easy and rewarding to work with!"” July 27, 2009